Monetize on your engagement and expertise! People have questions - you decide how much to charge per answer.

MyAskLink is perfect for lawyers, doctors, nutritionists, programmers, photographers, influencers, content creators, designers, consultants and more! If your expertise is in demand - monetize on it.

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1. Create your ask link

Start by registering an account. All you need to start is an email and password! You will get your own dedicated MyAskLink profile page where you can upload a profile picture, write a bio and have links to your social media profiles. Take a look at how our two founders Zerak and Vilhelm have theirs set up! Then simply connect with Stripe when you are ready to monetize on your expertise.

2. Share with your community

Share your link through your bio, LinkTree, email signature, website/blog and more. It's as simple as: - register today to secure your profile name.

Share your own ask link with your community
Answer questions and get paid

3. Answer questions

Answer questions. Your community or clients can now ask you questions via your MyAskLink page. All they need to ask you a question is a verified e-mail address! You will see their questions in your dashboard. Answer the questions for free, or set a price to unlock your answer. You also have the option to decline the question.

4. Get paid

If your answer is unlocked you will receive your requested amount, minus a small fee - read more. Remember to give a description of what is included in your answer so that your customers know what they are paying for.

Answer questions and get paid

Key Features

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Answer Questions with Ease and Assurance.

Effortless Setup, Endless Customization
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Frequently asked Questions

MyAskLink: Unleashing Knowledge Exchange. Ask questions, earn by answering, or charge for expertise – empowering users, organizations, and companies to monetize their insights.

Craft your profile effortlessly! Click 'Create my own ask link' on the homepage, then follow the simple steps to shape your personalized experience.

Our platform can be enjoyed free of charge. However, the person answering your question decides the unlock price (free is also an option). The price of the unlock will vary depending on several factors. For example how in demand the user is, how long it takes them to answer your specific questions, etc.

Thanks to Stripe Connect, getting paid is a breeze! Simply connect your bank account to your MyAskLink profile and receive payments directly to your account.

Effortless navigation is key! Access your personalized dashboard, questions, transactions, and settings via the login panel on your profile. When ready to answer a question, head to the 'Questions' page, select the question, and click on the 'Answer question' button for a seamless experience.

Certainly! MyAskLink is fully responsive, ensuring a seamless experience on all devices. Whether you're accessing it from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, you can enjoy the same user-friendly interface and functionality across the board. Stay connected and engaged with your audience effortlessly, no matter the device you're using.

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